The World Of Body Paint

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As an art form, body paint has seen mainstream growth in recent years; this type of artwork has been around since the earliest time of human history and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. At the Body paint Factory, our purpose is to create movement in the art world with paint on flesh. Using the human body as a canvas for the artistic imagination, Striper Josh, Britt Gianotti, Lyndzie Ruecker, and Pobby Heglar are among a growing number of top artists who are helping to bring attention to and establish this form of art into a mainstream market.


There is no substitute for a high quality hand painted piece of art. There is just something special about knowing that one can wear a hand painted original piece of art; edgy or conservative. Our artists are creative, outgoing, and innovative. They are masters at artistic planning and execution. They believe that any art piece worth doing is worth doing well! And it’s this philosophy that they apply to all their work. It’s not just paint, its ART!

Our Mission

is to create an explosion within the body painting industry that gets the attention of not only the mainstream fashion world, but each and every art lover around the world. We aim to start trends in the fine arts and high end fashion design markets. Please check out our online store so you can purchase our beautiful creations for your our own collections at a fair price.
The Body paint Factory’s coalition of multitalented artists are able to handle the needs of ANY artistic project including visual and preforming arts, Audio and video, lighting and productions. We have the ability to paint anything desired on any surface that accepts paint, not just the human body.

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